A Day At The Racists!

SUTU e-flyer

Doncaster will again have the displeasure of hosting UKIP’s National Conference at the racecourse on 26th September 2015. UKIP have sought to capitalise on the economic crisis, austerity and failure of mainstream parties to relate to ordinary voters by both presenting themselves as ‘anti-establishment’ and peddling racist scapegoating of migrants.

The nearly 4 million votes UKIP received during May’s general election demonstrates how essential it is to continue to challenge the party as they attempt to foster divisions between communities and normalise racism and bigotry.

Although UKIP present themselves as being ‘anti-establishment’ they are a party backed by millionaires. Hence, they have no interest in challenging austerity which benefits the rich and is the real cause of the fall in our living standards.

Stand Up To UKIP is calling on antiracists, trade unionists, students, faith groups and more to join us in Doncaster to ‘unwelcome’ UKIP. We will be leafleting from 11am at Market Place corner, Doncaster DN1 1NE followed by a rally at 12.30pm at Mansion House.

A week after we ‘unwelcome’ UKIP in Doncaster Stand Up To UKIP plans to join the thousands on the streets of Manchester at the TUC demonstration outside the Tory Party Conference on Sunday 4 October. We will be joining the Stand Up to Racism bloc sending a clear message – No To Racist Scapegoating! No To Austerity! To reserve coach seat email [email protected]