Stand Up to UKIP - Donate Here We want to ensure UKIP get the welcome they deserve at their spring conference in Margate on 28th February 2015. We want the demonstration to look like Nigel Farage’s worst nightmare, thousands of people from different communities marching together against UKIP’s politics of division.

Can your trade union or organisation make a contribution to Stand Up to UKIP? A model motion can be downloaded here to fundraise in your branch. Stand Up to UKIP relies upon the generosity of our supporters and activists. To make a one-off contribution to our campaign please use Paypal for card payments or send a cheque payable to “Stand Up to UKIP” to: Stand Up To UKIP, PO Box 72710, London, SW19 9GX.

We are grateful for every donation we receive and to everyone who has already made a contribution to our campaign to stand up to UKIP and Farage!You can also support the campaign by buying badges, t-shirts, and leaflets for your local area. Visit our merchandise page to find out more.