Good Riddance: Statement regarding Farage’s election loss!

Stand up to UKIP                                        Good riddance to Farage! #StopFarage

Today is an enormous victory for everyone who stood up to Farage’s politics of scapegoating and division.

Jo Cardwell Joint Convenor of Stand Up To UKIP said;”Farage came to South Thanet thinking that he could divide working class people by using racist scapegoating. But what Farage did not envisage was the level of resistance to both his Thatcherite politics and attempts to divide us”

It is notable that upon losing the election Farage stated “I feel an enormous weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I’ve never felt happier.” This demonstrates the insincerity and lack of commitment of Farage’s campaign to represent the people of South Thanet.

Farage promised us that UKIP would create a political earthquake after the European Elections. This has certainly not been the case precisely because many working class people have seen through UKIP’s lies. We are proud that Stand Up To UKIP have been able to galvanise anti-UKIP support up and down the country. Our campaign involved delivering hundreds of thousands of leaflets across Britain and our national and local demonstrations has had an effect in ensuring that UKIP did not win any additional MPs.

Neverthless, it is now crucial we are not complacent. UKIP have scored some high votes nationally off the back of the disgusting scapegoating of migrant that mainstream parties and the media have also been engaged in. It is essential now we continue to build a broad campaign to challenge UKIP’s racism, bigotry and anti-working class agenda so that legitimate anger around the effects of austerity is not misguidedly aimed at migrant and minority communities.