SUTU Day of Action 11th April!

Stand up to UKIP

Stand Up To UKIP has called a day of action on the 11th April. SUTU groups around the country, and in parts of Wales and Scotland, will be out campaigning against UKIP. Think what you can do in your area—leafleting, holding anti-UKIP rallies with speakers, putting out local press releases! Be creative!

With the election just over a month away this will be an important opportunity to engage with the public on why they should not vote for UKIP. SUTU groups should look to involve local contacts from the 21 March Stand Up To Racism demo in activity. We have new Exposing UKIP A5 leaflets and 4-sided factsheets that can be ordered for the day of action. Visit the Merchandise section of the site or email [email protected] for more information.